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Become the head chef of your life using my own unique formula of cooking & transformative coaching.

Join me for a full day, one to one session in my beautiful kitchen in Folkestone, where we will work together on rewriting the recipe for your life, release the past that no longer serves you, reconnect to your true and wonderful self, create new desires and define your future all through my powerful blend of cooking, mindfulness, meditation and coaching.

1 to 1 Cooking & Transformative Coaching Day


From 8am to 6pm.

  • MORNING RITUAL - cup of tea, healthy snack, relaxing meditation and breathing exercise - 15 to 30 minutes
  • OUR NOURISHING COOKING SESSION - Mindfulness in food, exploration of our culinary connections, creativity in cooking, health and nutrition, a gentle dive into self-discovery
  • WALK - We take a mindful walk to the sea (weather permitting, client lead)
  • OUR COACHING SESSION - (Based on the your completed questionnaire and our prior discovery call)
    • Discovering your path - where you desire to be, how that feels for you, what does it look like for you
    • Uncovering your present space - what’s the major things that seem to bother you, what’s your present reality, what’s showing up for you, what are your challenges
    • Discovering you - unpacking your emotions, your thoughts, your behaviours, your beliefs about yourself - what’s stopped you being truly YOU
    • Discovering your values - opening your heart to the things that matter
    • Creating a self-care package just for you - discovering your inner being, your pure potential, aligning your mind, body and spirit, making a soul contract with yourself, changing the way you see yourself
    • Taking action - setting your intentions, planning for your success, believing in YOU
  • A LOVING MEDITATION TO COMPLETE OUR DAY - a joyous journey into your heart and soul so you can feel renewed and revived.
Booking details:

Purchase your one to one cooking & transformative coaching day below.  I will then contact you to make arrangements for your day, including a specific date, times to suit and I can even come to you for the day! 

~ Inclusive of food & drinks.

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