Hi I’m Hulya, Culinary Coach & Master of Self-Discovery.

Through my unique and powerful combination of cooking and coaching, I show you how to transform your life by changing the way you see yourself.

Spend the day with me, in my beautiful French style kitchen in Folkestone, Kent, where we redefine your future, release the past that no longer serves you, reconnect to your incredible self and rewrite the recipe for your life.

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Transformation is an inside job…

To create any real change in your life, you have to start from within.

Old habits, old thoughts, social, cultural and family conditioning all add up to make who you are today. You can change those ingredients, replace them with new thoughts, new ways that better serve your higher self and give you the life you truly desire.

As your personal guide to transformation, I can help you to:

  • Create your magical recipe
  • Reconnect to those special ingredients within
  • Shine your golden light to the world!

Self-discovery is a combination of knowing your worth and your value; and living in authencity where you can honestly be you.

Start your journey with some of my tools & recipes for life that work!

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Fire up your belly, empower your intuition and feed your soul with my 10-point plan.